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June 30, Varanasi
Bachelors Degree from CEPT, 1988
Gautam Bhatia, 1985, 6 months; Chandavarkar and Thacker, 1989, 1 year.
Biome Environmental Solutions, Bangalore

Biome Environmental Solutions was created by the 2008 merger of Chitra K. Vishwanath Architects and Rainwater Club. Both organizations have operated since 1990 and bring their distinct talents to the new firm.

It is a Bangalore-based design firm focused on ecology, architecture and water. The  office’s diverse team includes designers, architects, civil and mechanical engineers and urban planners from various parts of India and abroad. The designs are undertaken by various member of this team in constant collaboration with each other via group discussions & exchanges and periodic meetings.

Rainwater club has extensive expertise in providing knowledge services in water management and rainwater harvesting, ecological wastewater treatment and sanitation practices. Biome’s unique capability lies in thinking through the key ecological and social issues in each project.  They have extensive working relationships with specialized knowledge experts in bio-diversity, tourism, hydrogeology, and material science, whose contributions we synthesize into a coherent design strategy and plan of action.

Chitra Vishwanath Architects has designed and implemented hundreds of real estate developments - residences, institutions and resorts – guided by ecological principles, integrating sound water, energy and land-use thinking into design.

About Chitra, in her own words, “Born to a sculptor father who was instrumental in introducing me toarchitecture – architecture became a passion only after starting the practice especially so, after, we the team at Biome have been able to successfully demonstrate the possibility of ecological designs in various scale. My profile cannot be just me since for me our works are a huge team effort and the team is a large one.


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Rethinking the future award
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Things that you would definitely do if you are born again

I have very few regrets. Maybe, I should have spent more time with my father and learnt sculpting and painting. Other than that no real regrets.

I believe in

Future of architecture lies in it being ecologically sensitive wherein it incorporates water, waste, energy, bio diversity, food and resources to build with.

Architect/ Designer I admire

Laurie Baker and Glenn Mercutt

I dream...

Is to be able to sleep at least 8 hours a day regularly for a week in jest but seriously to be a teacher.

If you were to live again, what are the things you would do?

I have very few regrets. Maybe I should have spent more time with my father and learnt sculpting and painting. Other than that no real regrets.

Message to upcoming architects

I believe in... Be hardworking and serious architects.

Top 5 projects

Instead of rating top projects I would prefer to rate projects where we learnt something more than what we had the previous knowledge of and then used the learning in the next projects-

  • Residence for Narayanas - Our first design. We learnt basics of construction, material and working in a team with engineers and my wonderful family. Year-1991
  • San Souci - Our home. Building with earth, rain water harvesting, grey water reuse, basements as living spaces - Creating a space as laboratory of ideas than a signature residence of an architect couple. Year-1995
  • Residence for Rajagopalans - New features of sustainability,water and use of waste.Creating a new paradigm of client as a mentor through intellectual interactions with the professor and his wife Malathi. Year-2005
  • Govardhan Eco Village - testing and learning issues of sustainability in a large site planning scale.Working on the basis of Green ratings as prescribed by GRIHA. Year 2008 - continuing
  • Atelier - A school we are designing which has to be made completely dismantlable. 2016-Now
There are many others, as told by her
  • Residence for Sandhya and Mahesh - Sandhya and Mahesh home is a significant one cause not only we designed their home but they have become partners in our journey of ecological design. They have been magnanimous to have allowed us to make our office in the first floor.
  • Residence for Charis - Our new patrons in whose home we have tried some new ways of constructions, are constantly learning through some design failures too.